Today, however, smocked dresses are an everyday fashion staple for many women. Women like to wear smocked dresses to work, to go out to dinner with friends, to play dress up, or just as a casual wardrobe staple. In fact, smocked dresses for girls are growing in popularity at a steady pace, and many women are choosing to add smocked dresses to their regular wardrobe.

The basic definition of a smocked dress is a long, tailored skirt, often with drawstring details and attached buttons down the front. But in recent years, the casual trend of smocking has also been adopted by modern women, particularly those with a somewhat sportier, more metropolitan, . Smocked dresses are now worn to work, to dinner with friends, and just as much as any other kind of dress. This versatility makes smocked dresses for girls a very good investment. These dresses will always look smart and elegant.

When selecting smocked dresses for your daughters, it’s important to know what your daughter wants. Is she planning on wearing her dress to work, or to dinner with a friend? If so, a simple A-line skirt in solid colors will be a great choice, as long as your daughter has her choice of necklines and straps. If she plans to play dress up, a girly flower print with a fitted bodice will be a good choice, as long as it’s easy to match with other pieces from her outfit.

Many dresses offer a contrasting collarbone or a tie-around at the waist. If your daughter is getting a smocked dress that offers such options, make sure that she can easily adjust the neckline to match the other accessories in her already-comfortable wardrobe. Otherwise, she may end up looking like a frumpy, worn out old school girl. Choose a dress that compliments her body.

As for your daughter’s age, this factor shouldn’t be overlooked. Younger girls, especially, tend to like a wider range of necklines and sleeve lengths than older girls do, so a wider selection of smocked dresses is an ideal solution. If your daughter is getting her dress online, check the sizing chart to ensure that she is getting the right fit. Older girls may need to size up, especially if the dress doesn’t fit properly. If your daughter is getting a dress through an unknown retailer, it’s best to try one before purchasing it.

Finally, keep in mind that many smocked dresses for girls are designed with practical purposes in mind, so the main purpose of them is not just to look good. Smocked tops are also used as elegant additions to evening wear for women who don’t want their necklines to show.This style of top is ideal for women who don’t have toddler smocked dress much time to choose their own outfits during the day. These dresses can be accessorized with smocked tops or with different necklines. For the right fashion accessory, smocked dresses for girls are definitely the way to go!